Spring is here and progress continues

I’m happy to report most of the snow is gone and many of the roads have already been cleared of debris, dirt and dust. So I have been biking and walking around a lot more.

I have made a single Python file for offline note editing and online editing. It looks decent and works fairly well. I had to do some note text sanitizing for putting into the database and retrieving, so I didn’t get things like, quotes or slashes in the note breaking the SQL query or making new lines actually show as ‘\n’ in the note when viewing.

I still need to work on the date time stamp validation since it is user editable. I also want to add 2 date time stamps per note. One entered in as a index which would always use the current time converted to UTC 0, and another user editable one for where the user wants to associate the note to specific data in the database. This will not only solve a issue of not being able to delete a note with an incorrect date but also allows tracking of when things where done.

After doing the finishing touches on the notes section, it will be time to refactor. Admittedly it’s a tad sloppy at about 700 lines of code. I just wanted to get it working first to help with motivation, once working and happy with function, I’ll have a reservoir of motivation to work on efficiency and readability.

I started my machine learning book, which looks decent and I’m kinda excited to try it out on random data. It should be able to do what I’m thinking, which is finding correlating patterns between sensors and sensor readings. It should also help in finding issues in database entries, like incorrect date stamps on notes.

I still want to look into a better GUI instead of Python Tk, but it seems there are licenses on the qt one I’m not clear on, so I’ll need to look into that more if I go that route. I’m also keeping the possibility open of using a web based interface, as it can very much be customized and allows use over the network. It would also most likely negate the need for my platform tweaks file (changing aspects of the GUI to look right on different operating systems). Of course that opens up other security issues, especially if open to the internet.

That’s it for today.

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