Warmer weather, biking and program progress

So the weather went from cold to warm pretty darn quick. Most snow has melted in town and it shouldn’t be much longer until the trails are snow-free (although probably very muddy). I recently got my bike back from the shop and it was given a clean bill of health. I haven’t done much riding yet, due to the snow patches and gravel, but I think by tomorrow I should be OK for most side roads. I’m looking forward to getting back on the E-Bike!

As far as program progress goes, things went downhill for a bit there but things look promising now. I have started a “Database Information” section to get quick information out of a sensor database. When a database is selected, it shows which database is selected, its recorded date range, database size and the number of notes in the database. Next, I’ll add sensor name and IP changes with the DateTime showing when it changed, as well as how many times the sensor has rebooted.

Once that section is complete, I will add a database analytical section for quick information for things like the top 10 highest and lowest values of a column, invalid entries, etc. I still have to think of what else should be in there, but it may have a companion section using machine learning, so the program can find and list possible interesting information more dynamically.

The machine learning section will have to wait a bit, because I have to learn about machine learning 🙂 I have purchased a book already, so its on the todo list, but while I read through it, program updates will be less frequent.

I think that’s it for now.

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