Alpha.23.39 Released

Another release! It has been awhile, so there are a few changes including better trigger sensor recording, OpenGL Plotly rendering for graphs and multiple configuration additions such as Wifi and the trigger variances.

In other news, I resolved most of my Ubuntu issues I was experiencing. Apparently, it was google chrome’s “Google Play Music” app that was killing my media keys. Closing chrome fixed it every time and opening it often (but not always) killed the media keys. Disabling the one music app resolved the issue. Samba (Windows network share) was also having issues when my network didn’t initialize right away, so I changed the service file for samba to require the network loaded first. It was… kinda set that way with a ‘network-online’ version, but when I replaced it with ‘network’, it loaded peachy keen. It also appears as though my dock network connection works properly now, as it usually wouldn’t work until I removed the network cable and put it back in. I’ll have to try it for a few weeks to see if it’s really fixed. All in all, I’m even more happy with my new Laptop now.

There has been a cold front that’s lowered our local temperature from a nice 0c or -3c to a mighty cold and windy -15c. This has put a large damper on motivation to get out the door, which in turn kills a good portion of my motivation in general. I don’t expect much progress until it warms up a bit and I start to do more exercise. I also have to learn a few things for work, which will take what little motivation I have.

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