Education is a marketplace.

Here is a sad, but true article from slashdot. You can get the paper saying you have a degree in computers, yet know very little practical information about them. Also education is a huge business! How big are most students loans? Huge! As such colleges and university are run like a business, to make money. This means advertising will be less then forth coming. I have also heard that important things are being left out of the curriculum to be replaced by what a company’s “Human resources” are looking for, which often has little to nothing to do with what you will actually be doing at the job. This is probably why I keep seeing clueless people running I.T. departments and find very talented people as the grunts (of course this is not the norm, but I see it enough to be disturbed).

“Advice Line’s Bob Lewis comments on the mixed state of IT education in the US, which sees some students graduating with computer-related degrees despite never having written a line of code. And while some institutions are emphasizing the value of teamwork in their curricula, an approach that fosters specialization in lieu of uniform standards, others are simply advertising their ‘success rates’ in graduating students. ‘Education is a marketplace, and if you have the money and want to buy, you can find someone willing to sell,’ Lewis writes. In other words, ‘If you want a degree that indicates you know something about computers without having to actually know very much about computers, you can get one.'”

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