Python Virtual Environment

W00t, I have python virtual environments setup and working with a requirements.txt file in the Linux sensor installer script. Shortcuts & services now use the python virtual environment. Now it doesn’t matter if the main python environment is altered! I’m glad I got this working because pipenv just wasn’t working quickly enough for the poor Pis.

I’m having trouble with my configuration file upgrade section … it doesn’t always load things properly between changes and will probably be time intensive to maintain all the upgrade paths. With this in mind, I’m thinking about just resetting configuration files to default when said files change between versions. It would force one to change the config file after larger updates but at the same time, it would mean the sensor would always load up properly after an upgrade… I was thinking I could make a backup of the old configurations during the upgrade and add the ability to see previous configs in the control center for a quick reference. I’ll have to give it some more thought.

I have been giving more thought to my Sensor Triggers and it comes to mind I should probably make different types of triggers. I’ll probably split the triggers into variances (Readings differ by a variance within a given time) and min/max values (Readings exceed or go below a value, checked every X time). AKA I’ll have 3 ways to record data.

  • Record every X seconds (Interval Recording)
  • Record if the difference between 2 readings, taken every X.X seconds is more then the variance (Variance Trigger Recording)
  • Record if the sensor value is above X or below Y. Check every X Seconds (Min/Max Trigger Recording)

Those 3 types of checks should cover most project scenarios where sensor recording is required.

I have had a chance to poke the program a bit more over the past few days, so I’m happy about that. Still looking forward to warmer and sunnier weather!

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