Potly Graph updates

So I thought it was about time to update the offline Plotly graphing module to allow the new sensors. While I was in there, I thought I might as well update a few other things. So I added some consistent markers to the XYZ readings, replaced CPU rendered graph with OpenGL (WebGL) rendering for Windows (doesn’t work properly on the Raspberry Pi).

I have to say, the OpenGL rendering is SOO much faster than using CPU rendering. I can now easily zoom in and out of really large data sets. Large for me being over 115,000 data points per sensor entry. When I do the same graph with CPU graphing, it takes more than 2 min to render at all, and I never got to the point I could zoom in. Running my mouse over readings to see the values and datetime stamp lagged a lot too. So yay for GL rendering! I just hope its fully supported on the Raspberry Pi later on, as it makes a big difference!

In other news, it was nice and sunny today! I spent a decent amount of time outside with my daughter, absorbing as much sun as I could while she played on the big snow piles.

It may take a bit longer to finish the new trigger recording code should I decide to re-work how its done … which I might … I don’t plan on changing what it does, just how it does it… I’m pretty sure I could use a few lists or a class with a ‘for’ statement or two in order to shorten the length of the code.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably release another version once I fully finish up the new trigger sensor recording. The winter continues to slow progress, but I’m still poking the code every now and then!

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