Update system & notes!

I have been working on a few things as of late.  For one, notes can be saved into the sensor Database at whatever time you choose.  This is meant to aid in putting notes beside the actual sensor data.  I’ll be adding the notes into the graphs later, so that they will show up with the graphed sensor data, using the time you enter!  AKA, you notice the sensor malfunctioning at a certain time, you enter a note with the same or close Date & Time saying “Malfunction, ignore this” or “Very important data represents time travel”.  Whatever helps identify what the data represents.  It can also be used to bookmark or tag certain times with things, like manual settings for temperature offset or other important information not being captured by the sensors, etc.  Later on, I’ll try to get it so you can “Graph by notes”, and it will graph say, 1 hour on either side of every note’s time frame, making it easy to instantly populate graphs with important data without having to search every time. I’ll be giving it more thought for sure. 

Since I seem to like ordering my options in the config and sensor files, in a way that’s not great for compatibility (AKA I don’t add every new option to the bottom, I reorder the whole list).  This is a pain, as I manually have to log in through SSH and re-adjust the sensor configuration files for the new options.  So I had a few ideas on solving it. 
1) Add the ability to change installed sensors from the control center
and or
2) Create some updated functionality to automatically make needed changes after the upgrade. 
I went with the 2nd option first and made an upgrade module that adjusts any needed files and related settings, then re-saves them.  It also uses the versioning system, so it can incrementally update from this version onwards, even if you miss a few versions along the way!  This will make my future upgrade tests go a bit smoother!

My other major upgrade was to the environmental temperature adjustments.  Before it was a manually set option in the graph window, but this makes it annoying to swap between different sensors with different offset needs.  So I moved the offset into the sensor itself and created different offsets for different setup combinations.  This way it’s all automatically set by how you set your installed sensors configuration file!  AKA it will give recommended offsets depending on what hardware is being used.  So now you can check a “Use Default” temperature offset checkbox, and the graphs will use the offset provided by the sensor.  A custom offset is also available in the sensor configuration file, in case a sensor doesn’t follow standards.  And of course you can uncheck the use default and set your own setting during graphs.  Whatever is set on the sensor, will also be saved into the SQL database when the environmental temperature readings are saved.  

Those are the 3 main things I have been working on.  

I think I’ll re-work my re-configuration of the sensors.  I think I can make a decent live update by pulling and pushing the text files into and out of a textbox, similar to my Log viewer and Notes window.  If I do that, I think the program can do everything remotely!  Between the log viewer, update module and soon to be installed sensors and config adjuster, keeping my demo and test sensors running smoothly through upgrades is starting to sound like an easier task 🙂

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