Alpha.20.2 Released!

This release has a lot more nice touches, than huge features.

The reports section has been updated to include the following.
– Local Computer time when the report was generated
– Currently installed version on each sensor
– Last updated per sensor, with how it was updated at the time

When the “Advanced” features are enabled on the Sensor commands, it now turn the upgrade options into “Clean” upgrade options, which essentially deletes everything but data and config, and re-installs. 

The configuration window now has the live graph refresh time and a label above the DateTime entries to show how to set it (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS). 

I have also done a lot of changes on the RP Sensor install script, such as including Control Center and installing its dependencies.  I have made the HTTP upgrade method download a zip of the files and extract it, instead of getting each individual program file.  I also tested the install script until it worked flawlessly on a RP3B+ with a SenseHAT, a RP Zero W with a Garden HAT & a RP Zero W with a EnviroPHAT.  They all worked well, but I would NOT recommend using the Control Center on the Pi Zero, due to its limited resources (AKA its slow…).  

I have also updated some website links, pictures and downloads.  So it should be easy to find more useful information about the programs, especially with the new “Pictures & Screenshots” section.  

That’s it for now. 

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