It’s been a few days, mostly because a bit more work came my way.  This didn’t stop me from getting a few more things done on the programs.

For starters, I now have it so you can get the Sensors configuration settings in a HTML table, much like the System Details.  I have also made it so you can push those settings on multiple units at once from the PC Control Center.  

I changed my “Home Grown” crontab auto start to standard systemd Services.  Its much faster for program restarts and I can completely disable things on a per program basis (Which is done when you disable SQL recording on the sensor configuration).  I also have network sensitive things wait for the network before starting up.  Then of course it just seems nicer to integrate through the standard System’s Services ^_^

I’m also happy to report, that this version is backwards compatible with the previous version!  Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it means my code is getting more stable and adding functionality is not breaking previous things.  Who knows, maybe a Beta release is coming?

Since the software is coming along nicely, and you can pretty much fully re-configure a sensor remotely with the PC Control Center, I’m thinking I should focus on some Hardware Design to get more Sensors out there and self sustaining.  I’m also wanting to start on a TriCorder too ^_^

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