Star Trek Tricorder!

OMG I just realized I have what I need to make a real tricorder now!  What’s more, I can use my existing Sensor Project with it!  

What I was thinking is this.  Create a remote unit similar to my other remote sensor unit, that allows wireless interactions with the sensors, but have local sensors as well, so you can swap between the tricorder itself OR any sensor in wireless range and get real time readings on a small LED / LCD screen.  

Add to this the Garden Breakout Board, where you can swap sensors, this should be a pretty awesome unit!  

I can’t tell you how long I have wanted a REAL tricorder to digitize the world around me!  It’s why I started my original Sensor Project.  It just dawned on me today, that I don’t need to make the sensor board from scratch to make a Tricorder, I can use pre-made ones with the Garden Board (allows up to 6 sensors at a time) to choose whatever sensor is needed for the job!  … well within reason of what’s available for it.  

I’m pretty sure I have all the needed hardware to get started, just no case yet.  But I suppose I should get the unit working before I make a case anyway, in ‘case’ the design dimensions change as I go. 

Soo excited now!  

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