New release Alpha.16.1

I have been working on polishing up the small things for this Alpha release, both in the Raspberry Pi sensor code and the control center code.

I have improved the pi sensor installer and upgrade scripts, both of which seem to be working well now.  I have tested it out a few times on my main sensor, from scratch and through upgrades.  After that, I upgraded all the units I have running right now, which there are 9. Things seem to be running smoothly, so I have decided to push it to the master branch.  I have toned down a lot of the logging messages from info to debug, so only errors show for the most part, and that looks pretty nice.  I’m debating putting sensor Online checks into debug if they are in fact online and only log offlines.  

Anywho, this release is looking good!  Shortly after merging, I changed a few more things to help out, such as saving the IP’s to the config file and loading on startup.  I also found and fixed a bug in the graphing datetime conversions, where it needed to apply the inverse conversion for getting the SQL data, then a normal conversion for what it SHOWS on the Graph.  It now lines up the proper time perfectly!  I also realized I was only graphing by date, not datetime, so I changed that to be specific to the second.

I probably won’t merge the new changes to master, until I get the trigger Database recording AND graphing working.  I have done a bunch of ground work, so there’s not a lot more I need to do to get the Sensor recording part working, but I will have to put a bit more time into the graphing from SQL … 

I have updated the installers, database demo’s and even posted install instructions for making a sensor (very basic).  So feel free to try things out!  Keeping in mind, it’s a Alpha release, so things break between releases and there will probably be a few bugs.  That being said, it seems pretty stable and usable to me!  

I hope to next release or the one after will be a Beta release.  Once the Trigger Database is working, I’ll be pretty happy with the feature set to release a first version, trying to work more on bugs for a bit.  Then I can start adding more features, but I’ll probably need new types of sensors to get really creative.  Not to say there is not a rather large list of features I could add, I just want to get a stable foundation before adding more on top. 

That’s it for now.   Slowly getting closer to a stable release! 

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