Graphing for Interval Database’s has been Upgraded!

Yay!  Upgraded the Graphing abilities & completely Redid the back end code. It now allows the user to choose what sensors to graph through a series of checkboxes.  Creating Data Classes REALLY helped with this. 

This should set the stage for future additions of sensors, as I can add on more, without having to worry about a lot of edits in other functions.  Thanks to the new Data Classes, it should also be fairly easy to integrate new graph types (pie, bar, trace, etc).  So that will be coming later. I’m pretty happy about this, since I have been delaying this upgrade for awhile, due to all the other code stuff being learned & applied.

I suppose this free’s me up to do one or more of the following. 
A) Upgrading Logging on other aspects, such as the HW Sensor Software
B) Upgrade and Enhance the other HW Sensor Software in General
C) OverHaul the Trigger Database recording code
D) Work on the Sensor HardWare itself

Improving the Sensor Hardware has been another thing I want to work on, specifically the getting them to be self sustaining for power, so I can leave them in the wild to collect data.  I have mostly been waiting on batteries to use with a power system + Solar.  I have yet to find a way to connect my bigger USB Battery banks up to it, so it can charge AND use it.  I’m kinda stuck with these much smaller Lithium Ion batteries (Should be here this week).  I’ll have to see how long they can run for, and how good the solar has to be to keep them going… and think of a backup for when the sun don’t shine.

Sometime after getting the batteries and solar working, I’ll need to figure out some protective cases, since there are some pretty good storms that come through, not to mention animals and rodents doing who knows what.  I found a site that uses more common items, like random pipe and plastic containers. I’ll probably attempt that when I know the dimensions of the sensor’s and their components. 

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