I have now updated the Sensor Install to be modular for the Sensor its being installed onto.  You only have to select the right sensor on install.  Everything else is taken care of.  I have also merged the Install & NAS Update script into one.  If it’s the first run, it does a install, asking for sensor type, installs python modules and updates the system in general.  If it’s not the first install, it updates the sensor programs and crontab (no user interaction required for updates).

I have also updated the file structure on the sensors, so it’s a bit easier to understand what does what.  3 folders have been added

1) auto_start = autostart scripts to make sure programs are running and start them if they are not running. 

2) sensor_modules = supported sensor modules to get sensor data (Imported into main program)

3) upgrade = Install and update scripts (NAS / Online / E-Ink). 

I think I updated all other pointers in programs and scripts to match the new locations, but I have yet to test them all.  

The folder /home/sensors/sensor_modules/ on the sensors themselves, has a .py programs for each different Sensor that is supported.  Adding new Sensors is fairly easy now, as you just add another .py file, that has a def, which returns the new sensor readings. Look at one of the other modules to use as an example, since absent sensor readings still need to be returned, simply set them manually as “N/A”.  

This took pretty much all day, but I’m glad it’s done, as it will make things SOO much easier in the future adding different sensors.  

I think I’ll work on fixes next, as there are a few things I need to tweak, like actually showing the hostname on the graphs and applying the timezone to motion plots.  

In other news, it’s still super smokey and is off the Canadian Air Quality scale (has been for weeks, with a few dips to 8 out of 10). I have also run my Air Quality sensor inside and out.  Inside it read about 150,000 Ohms @ 33% Humidity.  Outside it’s more like 300,000 Ohms @ 40% Humidity.  The air quality equation still eludes me (Have not made the time to go over it), but having double the resistance… seems bad, especially since inside is not exactly fresh healthy air either.  

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