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First of all, I decided to update the webpage layout and locations. I have moved the Kootnet Sensor pages to, and left this as a pure Blog. I have added a few sections, such as Pictures, Change Log and Sensor Data Usage on  

In other news, there is now a Downloads section!  I have put windows installers for the PC Control Center and MD5 checksums for verification.  I also added 2 Test Databases with sensor data, so people can actually try out the graph section.  

I have yet to “Post” my source code, but since its python, and I have not done any encryption on the source, you can just go to the folder where you installed the program, and get the source there.  It still needs to be cleaned up and commented, so I’m not posting it directly, but if you are REALLY curious to see it, download the installer and take a look.  I hope to get things commented properly soon, but I do get caught up in the design and implementation more then the comments and descriptions. 

I have been working on making the graph and sensor sections more modular.  The graph section seems like it will be fairly straight forward, and I’ll soon have option to choose from, like the type of graph to do, what columns to include, etc.  The Sensor hardware section will take a bit more planning, but I think I have a good place to start, so you can choose the sensor type at install, and it will save that type to a local file, which the program loads, to know which sensor data to get and write. 

That’s about it for this update.  Its still horribly smokey here and I have not been able to go for my morning walks… So motivation is a bit lower right now.  However, progress is still being made, it’s just a bit harder to push through. 

Until Next Time!


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