Organizations assuming customers computers are infected

This is actually a good way to think when your providing Internet related services.  Assume the worst has happened to your clients computers and create things that are still as secure as possible.

” “For years, security experts, analysts and even users have been lamenting the state of desktop security. Viruses, spam, Trojans and rootkits have added up to create an ugly picture. But, the good news is that the desktop security battle may be over. The less-than-good news, however, is that we may have lost it. Jeremiah Grossman, CTO of WhiteHat Security, said Thursday that many organizations, particularly in the financial services industry, have gotten to the point of assuming that their customers’ desktops are compromised. And moving forward from that assumption, things don’t get much prettier.”

“It goes on to speculate about home routers being targeted and infected.” “

It’s kind of scary to think of your router being infected though.  It would be very hard to detect unless you connected a machine in between the Internet and your router to analyze traffic (if at all possible with some ISP’s all in one gateways).  The hacker could redirect all or certain traffic to a computer that analyzes the data for passwords, user information, etc.

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