Ubuntu 10.04 thoughts

Well I have used ubuntu 10.04 for a few days now, and overall I like it. The integrated “system tray” is very pleasing. It not only integrates what I will call your “identity” (chat, ubuntu user, ubuntu one service, Facebook, twitter, etc) but it does it very nicely ūüôā Like when you put your status to away it does it for all chat clients, you can also broadcast a message to all your social services like msn, ICQ, Facebook, twitter, etc.

As for glitches, I have run into a few. ¬†Like when I tested out the Ubuntu one by sharing a folder outside the usual ubuntu one folder, that went ok, but un-sharing it crashed naustils like every time and the folder is still shared. ¬†Also if you use the new theme with the icons on the left, just changing the color of the theme will break the icon placement back to the right hand side… which might be nice for some people who don’t like the placement ūüėõ ¬†I’ll mention I did do an upgrade as apposed to a fresh install, so that may have something to do with some of the glitches (old config?).

All in all though, I give Ubuntu 10.04 a 8/10 because all the usual stuff runs rock solid and there are some nice new shiny features! ¬†O yea they also fixed a sound glitch I ran into with 9.10 (pop sound when re-initializing sound card from sleep). ¬†So that’s a plus! ¬†I also just want to mention, unlike some others OS’s, I have yet to find a problem in Ubuntu that could not be fixed by yours¬†truly¬†(and a¬†Google¬†search). ¬†This is one of the huge¬†benefits¬†of Open Source software!

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