A Raspberry Pi 3B+ Python Project!

I now have a use for this domain 🙂  My Python + Raspberry Pi development. 

So, about a month ago, I got a few raspberry pi 3B+ with 2x senseHAT's.  Long story short, the senseHAT is an attachment that is loaded with sensors, a 5 'button' joystick and 8×8 LED grid.  By making your own programs, you can access the hardware and get readings or have the LED's light up in any way you like, including animations.  

The raspberry pi peaked my interest for a few reasons.  

1.  They are pretty cheap at about $50 Canadian.

2.  They are small and power efficient.  AKA I can power them for a long time (few days) off a USB battery bank.  

3.  Decent support to help learn programming.  Check out their website www.raspberrypi.org

However, I was more interested in what kind of environmental data I could digitize through the sensors.  AKA more accurate local weather type information.  Before I could start however, I needed to think of how I could get and store information from the sensors and ways I could manipulate that data to find cool patterns (like when its the coldest time of day, and how and when that changes over days, months, years, etc).  

I have tried a few times to learn programing (C++, Java), but ultimately failed the self taught way, due to a lack of direction to assist with learning (AKA motivation).  But now, for about $150, I can get the pi + senseHAT to do a lot! 

I have actually come pretty far already considering I only got them a month ago, but I'll post about that later.  

This site will be active! 


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