Kootnet Sensors – 3 new HW Sensors added!

I’m getting very close to releasing a new version of Kootnet Sensors. Besides tweaking more around the web portal, I have added new hardware sensor support! Here are the sensors.

  • Pimoroni RV3028 (Real Time Clock)
  • Pimoroni PA1010D (GPS)
  • Pimoroni MICS6814 (gas)

The RV3028 allows your Pi to keep current time when there’s no power, very handy for time-sensitive data recording.

The PA1010D GPS sensor required me to add the new sensor types into the different program sections. I’m still not done adding it to all aspects of Kootnet Sensors, but it works under “Live Sensor Readings”, Interval Recording and MQTT.

The MICS6814 sensor is a GAS sensor, but unfortunately, I don’t actually have one, so I can’t test it. On the subject of testing, I was able to move the Pimoroni SGP30 & MSA301 out of the “Un-Tested” section as I have ordered a few in to try out. I’m happy to say they are working well (now).

Yesterday I finished up a few updates to the documentation, and although not done, it at least reflects the new Web Portal changes.

There have also been updates and changes to the installers. I have updated the required Python modules (most of them) and added a few new ones that are required for the updated modules. I also fixed a bug that prevented the installer from using the local Python modules, so install time should be much faster than the previous release.

There are still a few things I kinda wanted to do… but I also want to get the new version out … So we’ll see. I’m hoping to have the new version out sometime next week. The developmental release is in good shape, so you can upgrade to it without issues if you don’t want to wait.

Until next time!

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