New Kootnet Sensors Version in Stable

I have now poked around and tested most of the program, and it’s been working smoothly.
So Kootnet Sensors Beta.33.69 is out! Please note that this upgrade will reset your MQTT Publisher configuration.

As mentioned in previous posts, this version is 90% about overhauling the Web Interface.
Other modifcations include MQTT Publisher improvements, updated security options under email SMTP settings and the ability to view a list of all sensors in the MQTT Subscriber database.

I’m going to wait a bit before I start on Beta.34.x to fix any lingering bugs and re-do the help documentation and program tests. I’m also going to shift over to my Network Testers and add a bit more functionality to it.

So please, upgrade, try it out and report any bugs to the GitHub page or you can also post it here or on my Raspberry Pi form post.

I hope everyone enjoys the new interface!

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