Soo many modifications….

OK, just finished a big overhaul of the code running on the sensors themselves and tested it on the Enivro PHAT sensor (current primary sensor).  After a bit of fiddling, it works very well! It’s also much easier to figure out what’s going on in the code.  

The Installer script has been updated to set and work with all the sensors I have, and seamlessly works with the sensor to database code.  

That took the past 3 days with moderate poking.  However, I still have to convert the Motion database code, which I will be renaming to “Trigger” Database, as its much more accurate to what it captures.  Updating the trigger database code will probably take longer because I have to add new types of sensors to it.  Right now, I’m only capturing acceleration, but I have to add the following sensors (to start) GAS resistance, gyroscope and Distance.  Not to mention I need to figure out what variance to set for the triggers themselves.  

Not much progress on actual new features, but I have started to make a features to do list, which can be accessed here.  It helps remind me of where the project is going, in case I get caught up in the smaller details. 

I think I’m going to continue on my “Clean Code” book, as it is really setting the stage for easier management BEFORE my code gets too large to want to clean.  I also have a surprising amount of files to get this all working, so I’ll be working towards putting the code on GitHub, to more easily manage things when I need to change different sections that might affect others.  

I suppose that’s it for now.  It’s still smokey here, but not AS bad as before.  Hopefully things will clear up in a few weeks.  

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