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Google chrome speed tests!

OK, this is just awesome to the max!  They run tests to show the speed of chrome with, I shit you not, lightning a potato gun and “sound”.

Watch is Here

Desktop UI

Apparently google just purchased something called “Bumptop” which is a pretty awesome touch interface for a desktop computer.

Here is the link to the story, which has a video demoing it too.  Pretty cool stuff.

Exaile Media player

While reading my daily feeds I saw this linux music player called Exaile.   It actually looks pretty awesome in the way its interface is setup with tabbed playlists and the left hand side has a list of artists (well the list can be customized by other stuff too) which is expanded with the little arrow to show albums and another little arrow to show songs in each album.  Very nice way to utilize your screen space!

Check it out Here

Simplicity in Science

Science simplicity is a great video on on the way we should be thinking and designing new technology, because if we design it very simply, we can then apply it in many different ways easily. He calls this ability “stackable”. Like how accessing a webpage works on many different levels (http protocol on the TCP/IP protocol through a physical medium, etc, etc, etc).  Simplicity on simplicity creating complexity as a whole, yet leaving it easy to fix if something goes wrong because we can pin point problems through the simplicity!  This creates reliable technology.