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Web Code Day

#100DaysOfCode on Day 4 / 5.

I missed my post on Day 4, so here’s a double. I have now watched the HTML videos and was surprised at how simple HTML was and still kinda is. I guess I was under the impression it would be a big section kinda like Python itself. It’s nice to know the web design part won’t be super hard, although I still have not seen the extent of what CSS is and can do, so I’ll see when that comes up.

I do like how the course is layed out. Not only can you pretty much jump around to the subject you want but it gives it to you in practical ways so you really understand them! I’m going to do it from start to finish, but I’m happy its flexible enough it will be easy to jump back and get a refresher. WELL worth the cost!

100 days of web in python

As I mentioned in my last post, I have started 100 days of web in python. A part of that involves posting each day to help keep you on track (They say tweet, but I don’t have any social media accounts). Although I literally have 0 people who care about or are interested in what I’m doing for programming, I’m going to start posting it for my own tracking purposes.

So #100DaysOfCode on Day 3. My sensor program is already based on Flask, so the first part is review and enhancements. Since the last 2 out of 4 days for this section are all playing around, I’m going to modify my main app with what I have learned.

That being said, off I go to modify some code!