Nicer touches

I have re-visited my Sensor Readings Report code and changed it to create all the readings in a table for lining up.  I also put each sensor into its own bordered box to help separate sensors.  While I was doing that, I figured out how to get multiple packets of data with sockets.  Before, all my data was under 4096 bytes, except for my logs, which I only needed the end of anyway.  However, I can now get a bit more of the logs and ensure data is properly received. I had some trunicated errors doing Reading reports randomly before and it caused the socket to die, requiring a timeout.  Now it functions as intended and no delay in restarting occurs.  I also added the ability for the socket to be rebonded right away if the application is terminated unexpectedly.  This should speed up Sensor Command restarts after remote upgrades.   

I have now set up a Pi + Goal Zero Sherpa 50 with a solar panel keeping it charged in the window.  This should give me a good idea if it will work as a self-sustaining power system for off the grid sensors.  I’m told windows can block a lot of sun rays, making solar charging less efficient, so if it works there, it will work even better outside.  I still have to figure out how to keep the snow off the solar, but I do have an idea… angled setups and mirrors would probably allow it.  Multiple mirrors set up in different spots could also help with “temporary intensive charging”, to help give it a boost at certain times, which could help during long dark periods… I’m just not sure how long they will be effective before I have to adjust the positions of the mirrors, due to sun path changes through the seasons.  

Feeling pretty good about the progress again.  It was nice to take a bit of a break, but I would like to try and do at least a bit of programing every 2nd day to maintain forward momentum.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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