GitHub & PyCharm

I finally got around to trying out GitHub (Hello-World setup) and shortly after uploaded my “Network Testers” python program, which essentially turns 2x raspberry pi’s with a E-Ink display into a Ethernet cable / line tester.  The process went well and I like how GitHub tracks changes with side by side comparisons.   You can check out my GitHub account here.

After doing GitHub, I went over to PyCharm and started watching the setup and basic operational video’s they posted on YouTube.  That also went quite well, and I like how it’s automatically helping me with a multitude of things! It seems to apply something similar to pycodestyle automatically in the code, which is fabulous!  It also organizes the multitude of files on the side, so it’s easy to go between different .py files in a project.  Those files can be opened in a split window, then grouped in tabs per split for multiple open files.  I only started going through PyCharm about an hour ago, so still lots to learn, but it’s already looking pretty sweet.  O did I mention it has a dark theme?  I LOVE dark themes, due to the long nights of coding in dark rooms.  

I don’t think it will be long before I post my Sensor Project into GitHub, since PyCharm can integrate with it.  I just need to figure out and test the integration with the hello world repository I created on GitHub, before I move my KootNet Sensors over, and start using PyCharm with it full time.  

I’m excited to be working on the future stability and accessibility of my projects.  

Until next time. 

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