Sensors Tested!

I have now tested and fixed bugs for all sensors, minus the Trigger ones (still need to re-write the code for that one).  I’m happy to say, that it looks good!  They all passed sensor get and database write tests.  I also added a “round_decimal_to” variable at the top of each sensor that can use it, so I have a consistent round to, and the ability to change per sensor.  One of the light sensors, recorded the Colour values for Red, Green, Blue to like 14 decimal points!  Would these decimal placements make a difference? I’m guessing not, since it was like 34.00000000000001 when they did show, but usually showed whole numbers like 34.  Anywho, the round_decimal_to is set at 3 for now, which should be a decent balance between useful information and background noise. 

I already like my new system for selecting installed sensors.  Its very nice to just open the config file and change a few 0’s to 1’s and 1’s to 0’s as I test different sensors on the Breakout Garden sensor board.  

I think that’s it for today.  Time to relax, then goto bed. 

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