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Since I do lots of testing on the fly with multiple sensors, I thought it was about time to add some functionality to the program around sensor control.  

Up until now, I have used SSH for 90% of my sensor interaction, but there is really only 2 things I do a lot of… Update the programs and reboot the sensor.  So to that end, I have added a "Sensor Commands" section to allow just that and more.  Essentially, you check the sensor('s) you want to do something with in the main window, than click a command button like upgrade, reboot or shutdown.  It will send the command to all selected sensors.  

I added a SMB update (Windows shares) and a Online HTTP update (allows upgrading remote sensors with internet access).  I added a checkbox for the shutdown, so I don't accidently click it during quick testing.

I have also created a Windows Installer for the program, which includes a install of python 3.7 with the required libraries.  I originally just created a single .exe using pyinstaller, but Plotly didn't seem to like working with it, so I thought the next best thing was to just make the install easy.  It also runs much faster this way!  

Some of the things I hope to add in the near future include.

  • Put phpSysInfo on Sensors, using lighttpd server for system diagnostic Information
  • Update output files to local user desktop
  • Improve Graph outputs and Options at generation
  • Have update script terminate programs at the end, so the updated versions can start with improved crontab autostart
  • Improve Install scripts for ease of use
    • Ask and auto set Hostname, IP, Wifi, etc
  • Have program write config to file, and load it on boot to Include
    • IP List for Sensors
    • Default Date ranges in Graphs

I spent some time going over the back end code, and thought it best to merge a few things.  So here's yet another changelog.

ChangeLog Aug 15th, 2018

  • Merged 2 .py programs into one for socket communication
    • Merged the live sensor data send with general socket commands
  • Improved logging
  • Added Time corrections to Motion Graph (timezone)
  • added Sensor command "Terminate Sensor Programs"
  • Changed Auto Start method from rc.local to crontab scripts.  
    • Auto runs script every 1 min
    • The script checks to see if the program is running
      • If not running, start it
      • If running, do nothing
      • Allows crash recovery and applying remote updates without restarting the unit
  • Updated E-Ink Controller with Static IP 
    • Updated E-Ink & Sensor update scripts to match new IP
  • Updated Motion Database to save IP for better graph Sensor Identification 
  • (35% done) Started creating a Database "Splitter / Merger / Updater" program to allow
    • Modifications of old databases to newer models or merging with additional fields 
    • Split databases for Later analysis or archiving (X timeframe is in Y location, take just that timeframe and store in new database for later access). 
  • Updated 'Update scripts' 
    • Improved Speed (less network copies)

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