Tweaking Town

So I have not quite got the motivation to do some soldering for the Air Quality sensor.  So instead I have been tweaking the program and thinking about future endeavors with it.  To that end I am figuring out how I may utilize the already built in accelerometer to track things like tremors or earth quakes.  looking at the readings, it doesn't get very accurate (goes to like 9 decimal points, but sitting still makes variation in as much as 0.01). 

The seemingly not so accurate readings may be literal movement (cars, construction, etc)  in the area I am in, but I won't know for sure, until I take it somewhere more… stable and less populated.  Depending on what I hope to track, I'll change how many decimal points I record (hoping that it won't record anything until something happens, saving resources).  This may come in handy later, if I for instance, put a sensor in a tree with battery and solar.  Should a squirrel decide to touch, nibble or throw the sensor down, It could record the event.  With a Internet connection of some kind, I could be notified, so the sensor doesn't stay offline or in the wrong place for too long. 

In either case, that will be done later, as I need to see what kind of resources and space these readings will take. I tried a few things that didn't work due to SQL stuff last night, but the rest of the code is basically done.  I need to figure how, why, when and where I'll record the data.  Due to the constant writes, I may create a whole new database, so database downloads don't take too long over time.  

Other small changes done include.

  • Making the RGB values/lines on the graph Red / Green / Blue
  • Added TextBox for Custom Sensor name in Graph (makes it easier to look over, as "Kootenay Lake North" then "Sensor2")
  • Changed graphing from 2 columns to 1 (larger area for the timescale)  and put RGB beneath Lumens (compare raw light value to colour spectrum).  

I also uploaded a HTML page of my "Back Yard Shed" sensor to my site You can check it out here.  It's about 8 days worth of sensor data.


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