The Wayland Situation: Facts About X vs. Wayland

This clears some things up. It also makes me excited about Wayland… not sure how it ties in with Canonical's Mir though… Any who, graphics in general are a weak point in Linux, and its nice to see this side of things being cleaned up. Now to get better Graphics drivers! Wonder if it will be easier for display drivers to be make for wayland vs X?

Wayland Situation

  1. The Wayland clients can make a request (a method invocation) on some object if the object’s interface supports that request. The client must also supply the required data for the arguments of such request. This is the way the clients request services from the compositor. The compositor in turn sends information back to the client by causing the object to emit events (probably with arguments too). These events can be emitted by the compositor as a response to a certain request, or asynchronously, subject to the occurrence of internal events (such as one from an input device) or state changes. The error conditions are also signaled as events by the compositor.

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